Bankruptcy Alternatives

Alternatives to bankruptcyDeclaring bankruptcy is not something anyone ever plans to do in their lives but sometimes it can seem like the only option you have when struggling with severe debt. That being said before you actually file for bankruptcy whether it be Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 there are several alternatives that may be available to you before you decide to declare bankruptcy that could be a more beneficial path for you to take. Depending on your exact set of circumstances you should always explore all of your options before settling on that final step.

Harassment from Creditors

One of the worst parts of being in debt are all of the non-stop calls from creditors harassing you looking for their money. Clearly if you had the funds you would simply pay them just to stop all of the phone calls you are receiving but for many of us that is not an option that is available to us hence all of the calls. Some people believe that filing for bankruptcy is the best way to stop these harassing calls however if that is all you are looking to do bankruptcy is most likely not your best option. It helps to know that there are numerous federal and state debt collections laws that can protect you from these abusive debt collectors so you are definitely better off researching these rules in your state first before declaring bankruptcy.

Whether you do not trust your negotiating skills or if you are just not comfortable dealing with collection agencies by yourself there are credit counseling agencies that are available to do the work for you. Finding a non-profit credit or debt counseling agency is a smart way to get people who are knowledgeable about the process to help you pay off all of your debts and create a better financial picture for you and your family.

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