Can I File a Claim After a Rear-End Car Accident?

Rear-end accidents can result in very traumatic injuries. Your ability to collect fair compensation for your injuries relies on whether you can prove that the other party is at fault due to negligent behavior. Continue reading to learn more. Read more: How To Proceed When Injuries From An Accident Are Late-Appearing…READ MORE

Steps You Should Take After a Car Accident in a Parking Lot

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Do Motor Vehicle Accidents Spike Over the Thanksgiving Weekend?

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What Should I Do Immediately Following My Car Crash?

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What Happens to My Vehicle Lease if I File For Chapter 13?

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My Car Was Totaled, But I Still Owe Money On It

Many Americans carry a loan payment on their vehicle. This can present some unique challenges if you are in an accident and your vehicle is totaled. While your insurance company is required to replace the value of your vehicle, as long as you had full-coverage, they are not required to…READ MORE