Is Bankruptcy Right For Me?

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Can You Be Held Liable For Someone Else’s Driving?

Most people incorrectly assume they are only responsible for an accident when they are the person driving, but there are a number of situations where you could still be held legally liable for another person’s negligent driving. In some situations, you can be held responsible for damages when you allow…READ MORE

Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Most Americans don’t perceive driving as risky, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that nearly three million Americans suffer injuries from car accidents every year. Injuries can range from mild to life-threatening depending on a number of factors such as traveling speed, the number of vehicles involved, each…READ MORE

Top Things to Do After an Auto Accident

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Should I File for Bankruptcy?

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How Much is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

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When Do I Need a Lawyer for My Personal Injury Claim?

Even a seemingly straightforward personal injury claim is subject to complex legal rules and procedures – as well as the rules and deadlines set by insurance companies. Working with a lawyer can help you ensure you meet deadlines, follow the rules, and pursue the full and fair compensation you deserve.…READ MORE

What Happens If My Uber or Lyft Driver Has An Accident?

The saying goes, “There’s an app for that” and it applies to many things that once were not able to be done at the press of a button. One of the more convenient advances in technology are apps that allow you to get transportation at the touch of a button.…READ MORE