Breaking Down a Civil Case

When prospective clients first consider filing a civil lawsuit, they may be most concerned about the worth of their cases. Experienced lawyers, on the other hand, are more interested in reviewing all of the relevant information of the case before they venture an opinion. Even then, there is no way to attach a number to any expected recovery without knowing the full extent to which a person has been injured. Full analysis requires a comprehensive medical evaluation of injuries, along with any long-range prognoses.

One of the most valuable services that an attorney can perform for prospective clients is to inform them of the proper procedures for evaluating, documenting, and treating injuries sustained in accidents. Every case must be evaluated individually.

HINT: While it may be relatively easy to quantify such compensatory damages as reimbursement for property damage and medical bills, it is more difficult to place a dollar figure on the pain and suffering caused by lingering accident-related injuries.