Can You Be Held Liable For Someone Else’s Driving?

New Jersey Car Accident AttorneyMost people incorrectly assume they are only responsible for an accident when they are the person driving, but there are a number of situations where you could still be held legally liable for another person’s negligent driving. In some situations, you can be held responsible for damages when you allow another person to drive your vehicle. This means you could be held financially accountable for an accident even when you’re not physically present, so it’s important to be aware of these situations before loaning out your car.

If you are an employer, then understand that you always take on responsibility for an employee driving your car while they are performing job duties. Many states hold parents accountable for their children’s motor vehicle accidents when the kids are driving the family car, and some states will hold the car owner liable if they give any adult permission to drive their car.

Most states adhere to negligent entrustment which occurs when you let an unfit, incompetent or reckless driver borrow your vehicle. As a responsible driver, you can be held liable when the court finds you should have known the driver was unfit. You will likely be found guilty of negligent entrustment if you willingly loan your car to a driver who is unlicensed, under the influence of drugs or alcohol or has a history of reckless driving. Lending your vehicle to someone who is too sick to drive or too elderly may also constitute negligent entrustment in some situations.

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