Uninsured Drivers in Both Cars at Time of Accident- What Happens?

Car Accidents Involving Uninsured Drivers

In most cases, when you are in an auto accident, it is either your insurance company or the insurance company of the responsible party that covers your costs. However, things can get complicated if one, or both, drivers are uninsured.

Reasons a Driver May be Uninsured

Generally speaking, most drivers have some form of insurance, even if it is liability. But, there are a few reasons why a person might be uninsured:

  • They do not have a valid driver’s license
  • They let their insurance policy lapse
  • They never took out an insurance policy

Every state in the United States requires insurance of some form to operate a motor vehicle. This means that both parties may be subject to legal consequences and fines if they are involved in a car accident with no auto insurance.

What Happens When Injuries Occur in an Uninsured Auto Accident

Things can get complicated when one, or both, drivers are injured and neither is insured. In most cases, it will come down to who is at fault for the accident. This might include:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Distracted driving
  • Failure to follow local laws and road signs
  • Improper safety devices equipped
  • Aggressive driving

If one of the drivers is found to be negligent, then they may be personally liable for the damages that they cause. Sometimes, the uninsured driver who is clearly at fault might attempt to offer the other driver cash in hopes of making the case go away.

This is never a good idea. Injuries suffered from a motor vehicle accident can be extensive and expensive. If you fail to document your injuries, then you will be unable to collect any compensation for complications that arise from the injury later on.

Additionally, if an uninsured driver caused extensive property damage, you could be left paying for the repairs out of pocket. If you have an auto loan on the vehicle, it is even possible that you will end up paying on a vehicle that you cannot drive.

Important Steps to Take After an Uninsured Auto Accident

If you are involved in an uninsured auto accident, whether you or the other driver is uninsured, you will want to take the following steps:

  • Consult with a personal injury lawyer: Auto accidents that involve uninsured drivers can get complicated. It is important to consult with a lawyer that is familiar with the local laws.
  • Seek medical care: It doesn’t matter if the other driver is uninsured, it is still important to document any injuries. However, in order to collect compensation, you will need to demonstrate an actual injury occurred. Additionally, one or both health insurance policies may cover bodily injuries.
  • Collect all documents: It is necessary to identify liability in an uninsured auto accident case. It can be helpful to your case to begin collecting documents like medical records, police report, and witness statements.

Working with a personal injury lawyer is crucial when the responsible driver was uninsured. You may be able to collect compensation in different ways with the assistance of your lawyer.

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