The Disability System Has to Be Fixed

Typically, the system works well for disability claimants. There are, however, times when the system seems unjust and the claims process is unfair. Take the case of a young disabled man whose claim was denied by Medicaid because he has not been classified as “disabled” by the Social Security Administration (SSA). He’s been denied disability coverage and status by Social Security because he’s been judged as able to “perform some type of work.” Twice. His doctors disagree.

If the Social Security Administration classifies someone as disabled, that person is eligible for different types of benefits. One is a cash payment that’s often just enough to price someone out of eligibility for Medicaid. That benefit, however, does allow a person to qualify for Medicare – after a two-year waiting period. In the example above, however, the claimant’s medical condition is so severe that he might not survive two years. That is totally unjust.