Hit-and-Run Accidents in New Jersey

Hit-and-Run Accidents in New JerseyA hit-and-run occurs when one driver intentionally leaves the scene of an accident. These actions have serious financial, legal and criminal consequences.

Leaving the scene of a car accident, even when you are not at fault and there are no apparent injuries, is unacceptable. This offense, along with a failure to report an accident, is punishable by law. Drivers who flee an accident that results in injuries may be subject to fines up to $5,000, a 180-day stay in jail and a revocation of their driving privileges for up to one year. When injuries are not present, drivers can still be subject to fines up to $400, a 30-day stay in jail and a revocation of their license for six months.

Consequences of Hit-and-Runs in NJ

Victims who are injured in your accident may decide to pursue compensation from you through a personal injury lawsuit. If it’s determined that you were at fault, then you may be personally on the hook for the victim’s medical expenses, lost wages and other expenses. Courts may also award the victim additional compensation in the form of punitive damages because you decided to flee the scene.

If convicted of a hit-and-run, then your car insurance provider may decide to drop your policy entirely. You will be seen as a liability to their company, and it may be difficult to obtain affordable car insurance after a conviction.

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