How to Proceed When Injuries From an Accident are Late-Appearing

Whiplash injuries resulting from a car accidentIt surprisingly does not matter how serious the car accident you have just been involved in is when it comes to the trauma one goes through due to the event, both physically and mentally. Clearly the more serious the accident is the more fears and troubles one will face, but even a small fender bender can be enough to take a toll on your emotions and even cause minor injuries that increase over time. Many times people in a smaller accident are not aware of any injury symptoms hours or even days after the initial event. However, in those times that those injuries are late-appearing it is important to know how to proceed when your accident injuries do not show up right away.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Any damage that is done to your muscles, tendons, ligaments, basically anything on your body that is not bone are considered “soft tissue” injuries. Even a slight impact from an object as large and as heavy as a car will generate pressure on and add stress to vulnerable areas all over your body. The majority of the time this will include whiplash, which is defined as an injury to the muscles in your neck as your head is thrown forward and backward in a forceful way. The symptoms of this injury include swelling, pain and reduced mobility, but as mentioned previously it may take days or even weeks before you realize their seriousness. What makes these injuries even more complicated is that they are not something that can be found on an X-ray, so a doctor may not be able to diagnose it right away making it hard to get treated as soon as it should be. Regardless of how big or small the accident was or how you feel immediately afterwards it is always beneficial to go see a doctor after a car accident.

The last thing you would want to do at least right away is settle your case before you know the extent of your injuries. Insurance companies will try to get you to settle quickly and will even offer you large sums of money to do so, but you should always wait until everything is cleared medically by a professional which could take some time. Injuries can take a long time to manifest themselves so if you settle right away there is always the possibility that you may have to deal with bigger issues down the line but will not be able to get financial help since you already settled before that time.

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