Is Accident Reconstruction a Must?


The Aftermath of a Motor Vehicle Accident

When complex motor vehicle accidents occur, the process of figuring out what happened and who was in the wrong can take some time. Because there are many factors that can come into play, including the number of vehicles involved and the conditions of the road due to construction or the weather, it often helps to have an accident reconstruction completed by a professional. The reconstruction of the accident provides the best view of what happened.

Understanding the Purpose of an Accident Reconstruction

If a motor vehicle accident occurs, it may involve two different drivers. However, there are chain reaction accidents that involve multiple drivers. No matter how many drivers are involved, providing who is at fault is important because victims of the accident are going to want to seek compensation for damages. Upon hiring a lawyer to help with filing a lawsuit, the lawyer may choose to hire an expert witness that could create an accident reconstruction. Different types of information would get used during the reconstruction process, including statements from all the different witnesses, images of the vehicles after the accident, and forensics.

Even if a lawyer for one specific plaintiff has hired an expert witness to complete the accident reconstruction, the expert witness is not bias and will provide only a factual reconstruction model of the events that unfolded. The model will show where the vehicles were located on the road right before the accident, along with how the accident occurred in a step-by-step process. As a result, the reconstruction will provide a full visual of what happened on the road where the accident happened.

What Makes Accident Reconstruction Important?

The accident reconstruction model is important to have when you are involved in an accident because it provides visual details of what happened. The judge was not there when the accident occurred and can only go off the statements that are being made by other people, along with the images that were taken by drivers that were involved. However, when the reconstruction occurs, the judge has a better opportunity to see exactly how the accident played out.

Using Evidence to Support Claims

Evidence is often used to support claims that are made while helping with the accident reconstruction process. Some of the evidence that is often used would include pictures from different drivers that were on the road, tire marks on the road, reports that were taken by the police at the scene of the accident, and statements that have come from different witnesses. Unfortunately, there are occasions where there is not much detail available, which can make it harder for the reconstruction process to take place.

Getting Professional Legal Assistance

Once a person is involved in a motor vehicle accident, they should reach out to a lawyer to get the legal help they need. The client talks to the lawyer about everything that happened on the road and the lawyer may then get in touch with an expert witness. The expert witness could start the accident reconstruction process based on the information that is provided.

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