New Jersey Car Crashes: Passenger Injuries

New Jersey Car Crashes: Passenger InjuriesRiding as a passenger in a friend’s vehicle has its advantages, but what happens when the driver gets into a collision that causes an injury?

Seeking Compensation for Passenger Injuries in NJ

When you’ve been injured while riding as a passenger in a motor vehicle accident, pursuing compensation for your losses will likely require a third-party insurance claim. You may seek financial resolution from the insurance policy of the driver you were riding with or the insurance of the other vehicle’s driver. When your injuries are severe, it may be necessary to seek monetary relief from both policies, but you won’t be able to recover more than your overall claim is worth. An experienced attorney can help you determine your legal options for financial recovery.

Paying Medical Bills after an Accident in NJ

If paying for your medical bills is your primary concern, then it may be possible to seek prompt financial relief through “med pay” coverage. Regardless of fault in your car accident, many driver’s insurance policies will cover these expenses after an accident. Pursuing additional compensation for other damages will not be covered under med pay claims.

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