Reporting Your Auto Accident

While a “fender bender” accident may seem to be a minor incident, those involved shouldn’t hesitate to report these accidents to the police. Failure to do so, usually as part of a mutual agreement with the other driver to keep the incident among yourselves, leaves you vulnerable to being deceived. That is: the other driver may later decide to file an accident report, which afterwards contends that he or she was injured despite claiming not to be injured at the time of the accident. Without a police report, there is no official documentation to counter the other driver’s claims that his or her injuries were your fault or that any damage found on either vehicle was caused by the accident.

HINT: Use your smartphone to take pictures and to document the damage caused by an auto accident. Also, be sure to collect the contact information of any eyewitnesses. This will help your personal injury attorney build a strong case on your behalf.