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Passaic County, New Jersey Social Security Disability Lawyers Can Assist You with SSD Claims

If you are disabled and unable to work, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. At the Clifton, New Jersey law firm of Silverman & Roedel, LLC, our SSD lawyers help clients obtain much needed benefits. The process for obtaining these benefits can be complex, so finding an advocate who knows the system is an important step for many SSD applicants.

To speak with someone about your disability claim, call our Essex County law firm at 973-772-6411 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation at one of our offices in Newark or Clifton, NJ. We will explain the process in detail at your initial meeting, but you can also learn about the process by reading the material below.

The SSD Process

Our attorneys help clients at all stages of the SSD application process, although much of our work focuses on appeals after the finial of the initial application. Below are the basic steps for obtaining SSD benefits, including the options for appealing a negative decision.

  • File your initial application for disability benefits. You can file online, in person, by mail, or over the telephone. Staff will review your claim to determine whether you meet the criteria for being disabled. The review also determines whether you are unable to work because of the disability. Finally, the review determines whether you worked long enough and paid enough FICA taxes to qualify for benefits. If you are one of the fortunate 30 percent, your application will be approved based on the information provided by the review — and you will start to receive monthly benefits six months after your disability date.
  • If you are like the majority of applicants, your initial application will be denied. The denials can be for many reasons: medical information was missing; you were determined to be able to work; your disability did not meet the criteria listed in the Social Security Blue Book; or you were too young, too old, or had not worked enough (measured by “quarters”) to be eligible.
  • You can appeal a denial of benefits. You must indicate your intention to appeal within 60 days of receiving the denial notice. There are four levels of appeal.

Not surprisingly, a case that goes all the way to federal court will take many months or even years. Our attorneys will keep you informed about your options and help you determine your next steps as the case progresses.

Contact Our Paterson, NJ Law Firm About the Social Security Disability Process

Our Clifton, New Jersey disability attorneys will explain applications and appeals to you, whether you wish to file an initial claim or are thinking about a request for review. To learn how we help, call Silverman & Roedel, LLC at 973-772-6411 or contact us online. We can be your guide through the Social Security Disability process.

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