Staying Safe During a Hailstorm

Clifton, NJ Hailstorm Personal Injury LawyersAccording to the Weather Channel, hail is the most underrated costly weather disaster. Expert weathermen explain how hail consistently costs the United States billions of dollars in property damage every year. Sadly, this weather phenomenon has been increasing in recent years, and new research published in Nature Climate Change suggests that larger hail bigger than 1.6 inches will become even more common in the near future.

Protecting Your Vehicle from Hail Damage

Last year, Denver suffered the costliest weather disaster in the state’s history when giant baseball sized hail hit the city. The damage totaled an astounding $1.4 billion. Don’t underestimate the forceful power of a hailstorm and its ability to damage your car. Hailstorms can result in costly dents all over your car, broken or cracked mirrors and windows and even damaged doorjambs. Always move your car into a garage or under a covering when possible.

If you get stuck in a hailstorm and you can’t find covering, then find a safe area to pull over. Stay in your car until the hail stops and attempt to face away from windows to prevent getting an injury. With the recent increase in severe weather events, it may be wise to consider purchasing a hail protection blanket for your car.

Learn About Your Rights and Legal Options

Hailstorms are dangerous, but certain steps can be taken to protect yourself from bodily harm or property damage. If you’ve been injured by another person’s negligence during a hailstorm, then it’s possible you may be eligible for compensation for your losses. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Silverman and Roedel will help you determine what your legal options are for your financial recovery. Contact our firm at 973-772-6411 for more information about our services.

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