A List of the Top 5 Dangerous Breeds of Dogs Not Covered by Insurance

Passaic County Dog Bite LawyersThey may be called “Man’s Best Friend,” but the reality is that men, women, and children alike seem to love owning a dog. When it comes to what types of dogs are covered by their insurance, however, it is well known that many insurance companies do not share in that love. In fact, there are many breeds of dogs that insurance companies consider to be uninsurable, which means that owners have to think twice before deciding to get one of those dogs — no matter how much they want to bring one home. Whether this characterization is fair and/or accurate is up for debate, but what is not up for debate is the position that the law has decided to take on the subject.

Insurance for Dogs in New Jersey

Insurance for your pet is not always mandatory, but for various reasons it is normally considered to be worth getting insurance for your dog. There are many situations, from something in your house getting ruined to having to board a plane with your dog, that make getting pet insurance sensible for the owner, not to mention the decreased amount of worrying you will have to do when knowing that you have pet insurance in case the worst happens. This benefit is not available to everyone, however, and the following are the top five types of dog breeds that may not be covered under your insurance under most circumstances.

  1. Pit Bulls and Staffordshire Terriers: These confident and strong dogs can look very intimidating and need a great deal of training for anyone wishing to own one. It is because of this that most insurance companies will not cover these breeds.
  2. Great Danes: They are called “great” Danes because of their massive size, and just one look one at them can tell why these dogs may not be covered by insurance. Animals of this size can be hard to trust. Even if they rarely attack, the fact is that they can easily overpower small children and even adults.
  3. Rottweilers: Much of the fear that surrounds Rottweilers comes from how they are portrayed in the media, as many times it is not done in the most positive light. These dogs are actually considered to be more calm than aggressive in most situations; however, since the general public does not feel that way, the dogs are still considered to be a major risk.
  4. Akitas: Akitas are a beautiful dog, but they are also built very sturdy in the way that Pit Bulls and Terriers seem to be. This can make them seem like a menacing presence to some. Additionally, there have been reported attacks from these dogs, which only increases the amount of fear that surrounds them.
  5. Alaskan Malamutes: A very close relative to the wolf, Alaskan Malamutes also suffer from bad reports of people who have been attacked by one. These accounts may be rare, but because of their look and their high energy levels it is not hard to see why people who are unfamiliar with these animals could be afraid and, in turn, why insurance companies would not cover them.

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The courts may label these dogs as dangerous, but that still does not discourage many people from bringing one of these types of dogs into their homes. If you are the owner of one of these types of dogs, or if you were involved in an incident with one of these types of dogs, you will want a knowledgeable New Jersey personal injury attorney like the ones at Silverman & Roedel, LLC to assist you. Contact us today at 973-772-6411 to speak about your case and learn about your legal options.

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