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Passaic County, New Jersey Workers’ Comp Attorneys Help Injured Employees Get Benefits

At the Passaic County law firm of Silverman & Roedel, LLC, our attorneys help people injured while working obtain Workers’ Compensation benefits. New Jersey was an early provider of workers’ compensation coverage, enacting the nation’s first workers’ comp law in 1911. Despite this, employees injured while working in NJ often have difficulty obtaining all of the benefits to which they are entitled after a work-related injury.

How Our Clifton New Jersey Attorneys Help with Workers’ Compensation Claims

That’s where our lawyers can make a difference. Attorneys David Silverman and Pamela Roedel understand the tactics that employers and insurance companies use to limit or reduce worker benefits. Like many other states, New Jersey law gives the responsibility of administering its Workers’ Compensation program to private insurance companies. We make sure that our clients’ claims and appeals are full and complete so that an insurance company has no excuse to deny a claim to improve its bottom line.

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To learn how we can help with a claim or appeal, call our firm at 973-772-6411 or contact us online. We will make sure that your medical bills are paid 100%, that you receive temporary disability benefits if you are unable to work, and that you receive compensation for any permanent injury. We also protect your right to reopen your case in the future if your situation changes and you need further medical care.

Examples of Our Workers’ Compensation Cases in NJ

Our attorneys have represented clients who suffered a wide range of work injury types that include burns, fractures, chemical inhalation, and other on-the-job injuries. Much of our work in this area involves handling denials and appeals on behalf of workers who did not receive the full benefits they deserved. We have represented clients injured because of:

New Jersey law generally does not require you to prove that your employer was negligent in order to receive benefits. Rather, you need only prove that you were injured or suffered illness while working. Our attorneys have years of experience helping clients do just that. We have represented victims of workplace accidents in Irvington, East Orange, Hackensack, Fort Lee, Paterson, and West Milford, NJ.

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If you were injured at work and are having trouble obtaining your rightful workers’ compensation benefits, don’t delay. Contact the law firm of Silverman & Roedel, LLC to discuss your case. Call us at 973-772-6411 or fill out the online form to schedule a free consultation at our Clifton, NJ office or at our Newark, NJ office. You may also visit our Workers’ Compensation FAQ page for more details about compensation for work-related injuries.

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